Inspection Agreement

(Please Read Carefully)

Lake-Sumter Home Inspections, (The Company) agrees to conduct an inspection for the purpose of informing the CUSTOMER of major deficiencies in the condition of the property. The inspection and report are performed and prepared for the sole, confidential and exclusive use and possession of the CUSTOMER.

The written report will include the following:
structural condition and basement or crawl space
Electrical, plumbing, water heater, heating and air conditioning quality and condition of major systems.
General interior, including ceilings, walls, floors, windows, insulation and ventilation.
Kitchen and appliances general exterior including, roof, gutter, chimney, drainage, & grading.

It is understood and agreed that this inspection will be of readily accessible areas of the building and is limited to visual observations of apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection only. Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded from the inspection; equipment, items and systems will not be dismantled.

Maintenance and other items may be discussed, but they are not a part of our inspection. The report is not a compliance inspection or certification for past or present governmental codes or regulations of any kind.

The inspection and report do not address and are not intended to address the possible presence of or danger from any potentially harmful substances and environmental hazards including but not limited to mold, radon gas, lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde, toxic or flammable chemicals and water and airborne hazards. Also excluded are inspections of and report on swimming pools, spas, wells, septic systems, security systems, central vacuum systems, water softeners, fire sprinkler systems, fire and safety equipment and the presence or absence of rodents, termites and other insects.

The parties agree that the COMPANY, and its agents and employees, assume no liability or responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect or deficiency, either current or arising in the future, or for any property damage, consequential damage or bodily injury of any nature. THE INSPECTION AND REPORT ARE NOT INTENDED OR TO BE USED AS A GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE ADEQUACY, PERFORMANCE OR CONDITION OF ANY INSPECTED STRUCTURE, ITEM OR SYSTEM. THE COMPANY IS NOT AN INSURER OF ANY INSPECTED CONDITIONS.

It is understood and agreed that should the COMPANY and/or its agents or employees be found liable for any loss or damages resulting from a failure to perform any of its obligations, including but not limited to negligence, breach of contract, or otherwise, then the liability of the COMPANY and/or its agents and employees shall be limited to a sum equal to the amount of the fee paid by the CUSTOMER for the inspection and Report. It is also understood that the COMPANY will not pay for any repairs made without prior written notice of repairs needed and/or Inspector’s re-inspection and approval. Acceptance and understanding of the Agreement are hereby acknowledged with payment of inspection fee.

Note 1: When any item in this report is indicated to be “satisfactory”, the meaning is that it should give generally satisfactory service within the limits of its age. Minor defects or potential problems noted during the inspection should not affect satisfactory service.
Note 2: Throughout this report where the age of appliances, roofs, etc. is stated, the age shown is approximate. It is not possible to be exact, but an effort is made to be as accurate as possible based on the visible evidence.